From the beginning

Harvest: a fruit of passion

We see the harvest from a more familiar and less technical point of view. While it might appear that maintaining a healthy vine is not as vital as other factors for producing good wine, in reality, it is a crucial aspect that requires a significant amount of time and effort.

The vine is cared for throughout the year, from winter to summer pruning, topping, defoliation, and other treatments, in order to ensure that the resulting product is of the highest quality and healthiness.

Time is an essential factor that is beyond our control. As ordinary people, we must keep up with it. The vine relies on sunlight and rain for nourishment. Therefore, it is crucial to care for and nourish it adequately to produce the best and healthiest fruits.

The patient winemaker meticulously checks the grapes week after week and determines the ideal time to begin the much-awaited harvest. The harvest is one of the most critical periods as the final product’s quality depends on it.

Our cellar

Years of successes and traditions handed down from generations

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