The Beginning

It was 1990 when it all began

The Passion

Collamato is a special place where precious grapes grow and where soon you will be able to taste exceptional wines made by passionate winemakers who have re-established a genuine connection with the land.

The Investments

The same love that binds us to our land and to wine production has driven us to enlarge our vineyards and improve their structure, using local grape varieties of ancient cultivation.

The Fabriano Know-How

We thrive in the production of fine wines that enrich the taste and soul


Collamato is proud of its long-standing and deeply-rooted wine-making tradition. Our aim as producers is to enhance the value of our territory


Our winery has always been committed to the sustainability of its production. We work respecting ecology and nature because we know that our best results come from it .


Children are the most valuable resource for everyone, but for us, they are even more so, considering that the techniques will continue to be passed down for at least another generation

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